SUN’S MIRACLE OF LIFE: Our Sun’s Solar Wind Bringing The Miracle Of Life To Planet Earth…By Hank Curci SCIFI Author



Sun Bringing Miracle Of Life To Planet Earth


Solar Wind Universe

Hank Curci who holds a masters degree in Mathematics from Stanford University explains how the Sun will shine brightly for EIGHT BILLION YEARS.

This is an amazing number especially when you realize the sun burns 600 million tons of hydrogen per second for EIGHT BILLION YEARS..also an AMAZING NUMBER.

How can this be, why doesn’t the sun burn it self out?

By sheer mass, weight, size, the sun should have burned it self out billions of years ago but it is still going strong with four more BILLION YEARS left to go.



We turn to Albert Einstein


for the answer using his famous energy equation of E=MC2 ( C squared) which says energy and mass are the same thing and are interchangeable at the speed of light.

To make mass the universe, via…

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