Hank Curci Finds An Outer Space Extinction Of A Once Vibrant Society…Males And Females No Longer Biologicaly Compatable.

Outer Space Extinction



Biological Extinction Of  Planetary Life..

By Hank Curci,

SCIFI Author And Aerospace Engineer.


NOTE: Did This very same Extinction happen to Planet Earth’s Dinosaurs?


Story Synopsis.

Hank Curci Finds An Outer Space Extinction Of A Once Vibrant Society In Galactic Star Cluster NGC5139..

Did Dinosaurs become extinct because males and females were of a different species..

Is this extinction happening to all Planet Earth Life including humans

Males And Females No Longer Biologically Compatible.

Males and Females Were found To Be of a Different Species.

They Simply Evolved Off In Different Directions No Longer Having Compatible DNA.

They have now evolved in to a totally different life form called Rasmainian People.

Click On Lady Rasmainian To See Her And Her Family In Their Spacenoodles Outer Space Coloring Book.

 Lady Rasmainian Says….



Rasmanian people have silicon based DNA and receive their energy from the magnetic energy…

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