Hank Curci’s Little Green People Can Cheat Death…They Can Re-grow Themselves.


To Live Again


Little Green People From Outer Space Star Cluster NGC5139 Are Intelligent Plant Life.

They Can Cheat Death.

They Can Re-grow Themselves.


Little Green Lady Lives again 

Click On Picture


Story Synopsis…

To Live Again

The LITTLE GREEN PERSON who passed away is lovingly dressed in a ceremonial gown, placed in a decorated capsule and shot in to their sun at great speeds for burial.

However, they have evolved a DNA sharing system.

They can send, via telemetry, the contents of their entire brain plus their DNA sequence to a special algae plant that grows no where else except on Delta Prime Sigma, a small green, oxygen rich, moon orbiting their home planet.

This algae plant will accept the DNA transmission from the dying Little Green Person, and grow a new Little Green Person which is an exact duplicate of the one that just died.

The whole process takes about 20…

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