OUR WONDERFUL GIFT OF LIFE: Has No Religion, It Is A Series Of Mathematical Functions Generated By The Great Universe..

Outer Space Religion


Outer Space Religion

Hank Curci Writes…Outer Space Religion Has No Supreme Deity It Is A Series Of Mathematical Functions With Life After Death A Reoccurring DNA Mix Of Probabilistic Equations.

You Will Randomly Pop In To The Genetic Mix Live A Life And Die Over And Over Again.

The Cosmic Roulette Wheel Of Life….Are You Alive Now As We Speak In Some Far Off Galaxy?

Is Your DNA Randomly Regenerating Via Mathematical Probability Somewhere In The Infinite Cosmos…

The Question Is Not Fantasy ..It’s Real Science..


Click On Little Green Lady For Great Spacenoodles Thrilling SCIFI Outer Space Online Store..



 Little Green Lady’s DNA Sequence was Randomly Regenerated.

She now lives again in the beautiful Centauri Globular Star Cluster NGC5139 as Intelligent Plant Life.

See Other Spacenoodles Characters Who Were…

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