Inventing The Interstellar Universe So We Can Make An Earthly Apple Pie…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.

Inventing The Interstellar Universe.


Before You Can Make An Apple Pie, You Must First Invent The Universe..Late Carl Sagan.



Inventing The Universe


Supernova Explosions From Giant Stars Found In The Great Universe Has Manufactured The Required Atoms To Make An Apple Pie.


Click On Picture For Apple Pie Recipe:




It’s  4.5 billion years ago and we see a ball of space dust randomly floating through interstellar space.

The dust cloud, with the help of gravity, is beginning to form a center nucleus of rocks, broken asteroids, and other floating debris to eventually form our Star the Sun.

The sun fires off it’s nuclear furnace and, voila, we have a life giving solar system.

On Earth, simple life forms began to appear like Blue Green Algae.

Then more complex plants and after some four billion years of evolution, we find humans, tigers…

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