Hank Curci’s Synthetic Life Forms Consisting Of Computerized DNA Circa 2250AD..The Human Being Is Extinct.

Computerized DNA Circa 2250AD


Hank Curci estimates that the natural Human Being will be gone by 2250AD via Self-Induced Extinction caused by the advent of synthetic genetics.



Synthetic Genetics.

Futuristic synthetic life forms consisting of computerized DNA will be genetically engineered to resist environmental changes.

Further, it is expected that by year 2250AD great cities will now be in orbit.

These Orbiting communities will be housing a general population of synthetic life forms offering protection from a destabilizing Planet Earth due to the Moon cycling away from Planet Earth.

Planet Earth synthetic life forms will render the Human Being Extinct.

An Extinction we humans will do to our selves via Self Induced Extinction.



Hank Curci’s Popular Outer Space Online Store..

A Trip to Intergalactic Adventure..



End Transmission

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