SCIFI Space/Time Continuum Thriller…Ancient Rome, Circa 79AD…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author


Bringing Modern Day Jaguar Sports Car Back To Ancient Rome, Circa 79AD, To Race In Roman Circus Maximus Chariot Races. 



Space/Time Continuum


Everything was in order.

   He turned on main power and set time and place dials for a small village about forty miles north of Rome in the year 79 AD.

   Having thoroughly checked all circuitry, he drove the 1963 Jaguar sports car into the time machine vacuum chamber.

   He  locked himself in, and waited nervously for the green “go” light to flash on.

   Electricity was surging through an intricate maze of wiring warming and checking electronic components.

   The tiny computer humming as it generated two thousand years of seconds.

   John Moore sat clutching the steering wheel, constantly scanning the light board almost wishing something would break down so he could postpone his journey.

   The tension increased, his…

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