SYNTHETIC GENETICS:  No life after death… A homework problem for the Vatican et al.. By Hank Curci.. SCIFI Author..





No One Wants The Natural Heart You Were Born With If It is Going To Kill You.. 

Hank Curci extrapolates from what is happening now with the current advent of synthetic genetics and DNA engineering.

Curci extends the supposition there will be no life after death because there wont be any death due to Synthetic Genetics manufacturing artificial body parts to extend life indefinitely meaning the port hole to heaven will be closed forever…

What does religion do with that..

We see artificial internal organs being manufactured synthetically to replace worn out natural organs and Hank Curci speculates that eventually the whole body will be synthetic in order to improve and extend life.


STEM CELL RESEARCH currently being conducted at Stanford University and other centers, will contribute to the synthetic manufacture of human internal organs to save and prolong life.

Hence there will be no…

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