Hank Curci’s Little Green People, Who Are Intellegent Plant Life, Can Cheat Death…They Can Re-grow Themselves….


Little Green Lady From Deep Space Star Cluster Lives Again.


Click On Picture To See Little Green Lady’s Outer Space Family.




The LITTLE GREEN PERSON who passed away is lovingly dressed in a ceremonial gown, placed in a decorated capsule and shot in to their sun at great speeds for burial.

However, they have evolved a DNA sharing system.They can send, via telemetry, the contents of their entire brain plus their DNA sequence to a special algae plant that grows no where else except on Delta Prime Sigma, a small green, oxygen rich, moon orbiting their home planet.

This algae plant will accept the DNA transmission from the dying Little Green Person, and grow a new Little Green Person which is an exact duplicate of the one that just died.

The whole process takes about 20 Earth Years.

For backup they also send,

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