Hank Curci’s Designer DNA: A T-REX With Einstein’s Brain And Attila The Hun’s Disposition…

Designer DNA


Modern Day Jurassic Park.


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A Modern Day Jurassic Park…

HANK CURCI noted SCIFI author creator of WWW.SPACENOODLES.COM  writes..

Modern science has actually made the heart of a rat in a test tube and it is inside a real rat and the rat is doing well.

Twenty five yeas ago when the Movie Jurassic Park was written the theory of bringing back a real extinct dinosaur from 100 million years was a fun fantasy and made a block buster movie…

It is no longer a fantasy.

Scientists are working on bringing back a Wooly Mammoth extinct 12,000 years ago and they expect some level of success.

Making the heart of a rat ( and the rat is alive and well) is the stepping stone…

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