Hank Curci Writes…Why Are Light Years Used To Measure Outer Space?

Light Years Used To Measure Outer Space?


Planetary bodies are so far away that a measuring device of great length is required to tell the distances of stars and Galaxies.

These crashing galaxies are 450 million light years away.

That’s before the dinosaurs evolved.

This is what they looked like 450 million years ago.

By now the two galaxies have long since become one galaxy but we wont know for sure untill another 450 million years from now.

A light year is 5.88 Trillion miles because it can travel 186,000 miles in one second or 7.5 times around the Earth in one second…speeds incomprehencable to the human mind.

Little Green Lady lives in the Centauri Globular star cluster 17,000 light years away and a message from her would take 17,000 years to arrive at Planet Earth,

 Hank Curci’s famous Outer Space Coloring book.. Click On Dancing Miner..



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