Planet Earth Won The Cosmic Lottery…By Hank Curci



The Interstellar Ring Of Life



We Won The Cosmic Lottery 

By Sheer Random Chance Planet Earth Won The Cosmic Lottery.

Earth Orbits in the Great Ring Of  Life Just The Right Distance From The Sun.. 


This“Just Right Distance from the Sun” permitted, our home, the Earth to maintain the water deposited by millions of ice encrusted comets over billions of years.

This  gave rise to the first living things we call algae, rudimentary plant life that generated the oxygen we breathe today…VIVA BLUE GREEN ALGAE…  

All of the wonderful things that had to randomly happen to finally make a garden home of such exquisite beauty, of such functionality that advanced life like a human being would actually grow and evolve…not to mention an Apple Pie…. 




We will discover that rudimentary life abounds…

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