Hank Curci Writes Holding The Universe Together…

Electromagnetic Energy



Without Electromagnetic Energy ( The Glue That Holds The Universe Together ) There Would Be No Hope For Life…

We Would Not Be Here And Neither Would The Infinite Cosmos And All The Stars In The Endless Heavens…

There Would Be No Songs From Beautiful Planet Earth.




In WWW.SPACENOODLES.COM  free outer space greeting cards by Hank Curci, we find that without electromagnetic energy, we, the sun and the Universe at large would not be here….there would be no hope for life. Without magnetism stabilizing the orbits of electrons orbiting their respective nuclei, there would not be well defined atoms to make all of the elements found in the universe.


The nuclear exchange taking place in the sun’s core furnace would not happen because there would be no well defined hydrogen atom smashing together to make helium which is two hydrogens stuck…

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