PILLARS OF CREATION: I Got To See The Magical Universe That Gave Me LIfe…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author



Eagle Nebula, Pillars Of Creation. 

Star Birthing Nebula

Click On Picture Of Eagle Nebula Looking Like Father, Mother And Mother Holding Child’s Hand..

Hence The “Pillars Of Creation” An Appropriate Name For This Most Active Star Birthing Nebula.. 

See Visible Stars Inside Nebula Being Created Will Bring Life To Some Far Off Solar System Possibly Looking Like Our Own Life Giving Solar System..


    The Eagle Nebula, Pillars Of Creation. 

Some Final Day I Will Fly Away In To Interstellar Oblivion To Be Recycled Back In To The Infinite Cosmos.

I will be Waiting For The Great Universe To Once Again Randomly Regenerate My DNA via Mathematical Probability.

Hence I will be alive in some far off galaxy marveling at the wonderful Cosmic Displays.

Displays Bringing forth life from every sector of interstellar space.


Hank Curci’s Wonderful Outer Space Online Store.



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