The Moon Is Destabilizing Planet Earth Slowly Cycling Away About 1.5 Inches Per Year. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author


The Moon Is Destabilizing Planet Earth.

Great Tidal Waves And Species Extinction Expected.


In a few million years Moon will be gone and planet earth will undergo dramatic biological extinctions.

The earth will wobble on it’s 23 degree axis causing  great tidal waves and wild weather swings…


Moon Destabilizing Planet Earth.



Hank Curci discusses the importance of having the moon in orbit about Planet Earth.

Without the moon we would not be here.

Planet Earth’s evolution would still be in the blue-green algae stage as was found some three billion years ago.

The early moon’s ( three billion years ago ) gravitational effect on Planet Earth caused huge oceanic tidal wave effects bringing to the surface many underground minerals whose chemistry contained the necessary organic properties to begin carbon based life as we find all around us today.

At that time the moon was orbiting some…

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