HUMANS ON MARS BY 2150AD: Terraforming Mars For Human Habitation Requires Green House Atmospheric Pollution..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.


Terraforming Mars For Human Habitation.


Sunset On Mars After Terraforming:

Mars sunset


For Planet Earth, these green house gases would be most harmful since it would cause unwanted planetary warming but not to Mars whose frigid temperatures are much too cold for humans to sustain.

Once the temperature stabilizes the Martian atmosphere, water, weather and other planetary systems will be implemented to give Mars an Earth like environment.

It is suggested that by the year 2150AD Mars will have green forest, and a livable atmosphere followed by human habitation.

In addition, Mars has plenty of carbon CO2 ( to make green house gases ) and permafrost H2O which could be converted into methane CH4 and liquid oxygen O2 meaning one could make the fuel on Mars to fly back to Earth so you would not have to bring fuel from Earth to fly back to Earth.

This author, Hank Curci, firmly believes the human being is charging…

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