The Speed Of Light Can Go Around The World 7.5 Times In One Second..And Take You To The Future..Not SCIFI..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Ebook Author



A Trip To The Future

In explaining this great cosmic truth, first given to us by Albert Einstein, Hank Curci explains what E=MC2 (C squared) means in simple understandable terms.

Hank Curci Also Gives An Example Of Einstein’s Special Relativity Rationale Of The Time Disparagement Function, i.e. THE FASTER YOU GO THE SLOWER YOU WILL AGE..The Ultimate Beauty Formula…

Don’t Go To The Makeup Cosmetic Counter For Your Beauty Treatment.

Get A Really Fast Scooter, Go The Speed Of Light ( 186,000 miles/second which is Around The World 7.5 Times Per Second ) for six weeks.

You Will Come Back To Earth Only Six Weeks Older.

Your Baby Sister Who Was Only 5 Years Old When You Left On Your Six Weeks Tour At The Speed Of Light Will Be A Grand Mother Of Three Grown Children With A Great Grand Child On The Way…

You Of Course Will Come Back To A World…

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