We can go to the Future. But It Is A One Way Trip. You Can Never Go Home Again. By Hank Curci, Senior Aerospace Engineer.


A One Way Trip To The Future…



A One Way Trip To The Future.

The STAR TREK Series, That We All Love, In Practicality Could Never Exist Due To Albert Einstein’s Time Disparagement Function


In The Star Trek Series, a six weeks training mission on board the Star Ship Enterprise, at warp three, would bring back the crew a thousand years in to their future.

There would be no one alive or place recognizable that the Enterprise Crew would know.

Hence having a Star Trek Federation or even a Star Trek Academy could not exist since all Space Ship travel would always bring back the space Ship People well in to their future. 

If We Could Go Back To The Place Of Origin Then We Would Have A Time Machine And Could Have Lunch With Julius Caesar ..There Is No Known Astrophysics Function To Go Back To The Place Of Origin. 


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