Nuclear Particles, From Our Sun’s Solar Wind, Called Neutrinos Can Produce The Element Argon When Passing Through Chlorine Nebulae .. By Hank Curci.. SCIF Author..





Solar Wind Nuclear Particles

In WWW.SPACENOODLES.COM, free outer space greeting cards from the popular author Hank Curci, we find neutrinos made by our sun streaming towards Earth within a speed of light solar wind, the neutrinos are a result of our star, the sun’s nuclear reactor converting hydrogen atoms into helium atoms.

Neutrinos pass through all matter including moons, planetoids and stars.

On rare occasions, however, neutrinos will produce the element Argon when passing through chlorine atoms.

Hence a vat of ordinary cleaning fluid containing chlorine will have traces of argon from a neutrino sun burst, by counting the Argon levels one can determine the strength of the neutrino solar wind propagation.

In Hank Curci’s Outer Space Web Site, one of his characters named Silicon Sally has DNA  based on the element Silicon rather than carbon, as we are on Planet Earth.

Sally lives off  her star’s neutrino stream that converts in to Argon when passing through a chlorine nebulae gas cloud surrounding her home planet….

It is not known how her Silicon DNA physiology uses Argon..

Click On Picture To See Silicon Sally’s Outer Space Family..


Silicon Sally and Jeb 




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