Our Life Giving Star, The Sun, Is a Thurmo-Nuclear Reactor.. By Hank Curci, Senior Aerospace Engineer, MS Math Stanford..


The Sun, Is a Thurmo-Nuclear Reactor..

The sun is a nuclear furnace converting the atom hydrogen into the atom helium via E=MC2 (C squared ).

Each time this reaction occurs, a nuclear particle is lost and the difference is made up in the form of energy or heat.

This nuclear reaction is so efficient that it takes eight billion years for all of the hydrogen in the sun to be converted to helium.

Unfortunately, a similar nuclear reaction was used to make the atomic bomb killing and maiming thousands of innocent people at one time.

The amount of fissionable nuclear material that was in the atomic bomb dropped on Japan was not much bigger than a garden pea, the tip of your little finger, yet it was able to wipe out an entire city and instantly vaporize 70,000 people, men, women and children.. a horror one hopes is never repeated…..

The nuclear furnace inside the sun, that gives us life, is operating on the same level of efficiency.


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