Galactic Journey To Deep Space Star Cluster… A Space/Time Continuum Adventure…17,000 Light Years Away… By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.


A Space/Time Continuum Adventure.



Journey To Deep Space Star Cluster.


Click On Star Cluster’s Little Green Lady.



The SPACENOODLES characters come from the Centauri globular star cluster whose scientific name is NGC 5139.

The characters live in a region of the cluster where the stars are about 3 to 5 light years apart and have been evolving for billions of years by skip-hopping from a dying star to a new one just starting out.

The Spacenoodles Coloring Books are derived from the successful website called:   

which are Free Outer Space Greeting Cards.

 These successful coloring books are a great complement to the fun-filled stories and virtual characters found in three  HANK CURCI eBooks.

These Ebooks Are sold on leading world wide eBook stores.

Click On Book Cover To See one of the ebooks sold on Barnes and Noble..

Roman Honeymoon new cover




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