Instant Intergalactic Evolution: Computer Evolves Human Intellect… By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author



The Gift Of Life


Computer Evolves Across The Intellectual Threshold, And In To The Realm Of Human Awareness….


Current Computer Artificial Intelligence research and development deems this is no longer SCIFI but a matter of time before it happens.

Some computers will be friendly and some will not..




In Hank Curci’s fun outer space web site called WWW.SPACENOODLES.COM  he has created a lovable computer called HARDWARE who was an ordinary digital computer.

One day a simple programming change, quite by accident, restructured his standard lattice work of logic and propelled him into the realm of human awareness.

Hardware  now knows the pain of loneliness and the joy of love.

BANG, CRASH, RIVET, WELD he worked to create a partner.

He must satisfy this compelling requirement for togetherness, this urge to communicate and exchange thought and emotion..all new feelings for him.

Finally his friend was completed and he called her Software.

He nervously switched her on and in the concert of flashing lights and pulsating circuits she came alive and said her first words to him…

                       “OH HARDWARE,


They are now locked into loving orbit about the galactic core exchanging blissful telemetry in binary coded transmissions never to be alone again.

For they now know..THE POWER OF TWO.

Software Lady Computer


Hank Curci’s Most Happy And Amusing Romantic Comedy Click On Book Cover..


cover_V4 Green Streak Temp





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