No Songs From Beautiful Planet Earth Without Electromagnetic Energy..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.




Without electromagnetic energy we humans, the sun and the Universe at large would not be here.

There would be no hope for life.

Without magnetism stabilizing the orbits of electrons orbiting their respective nuclei, there would not be well defined atoms to make all of the elements found in the universe.

The nuclear exchange taking place in the sun’s core furnace would not happen because there would be no well defined hydrogen atom smashing together to make helium which is two hydrogens stuck to one another.

It is this chemical/nuclear exchange that generates heat with the sun converting six hundred million tons of hydrogen in to helium every second for eight billion years under the rule of Albert Einstein’s following energy equation of E=MC2(C squared)…a mind boggling fact.


In measuring the mass of the sun, current mathematical computations shows that the sun should have burned out billions of years ago if it were simply burning hydrogen gas.

But that is not what is happening…the above nuclear fusion of hydrogen in to the element helium via Einstein’s E=MC2 ( C squared ) is creating all the heat and energy supplied to Planet Earth for an astounding eight billion years at the rate of converting 600 million tons of hydrogen in to helium per second…an amazing wonder of the Universe. 



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