Time Machine Adventure To Ancient Rome: Space/Time Continuum…Time Line Paradox…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.


Time Line Paradox..


Reading A Book By Someone Who Never Existed.



Space/Time Continuum..

The Place is Ancient Rome, The Time is 79AD, Location is Circus Maximus Chariot Races…

Action Is Racing A Modern Day, 1963, Jaguar Sports Car in the Ancient Roman Chariot Races… 


   By Traveling To Ancient Rome In A Time Machine, One of John Moore’s greatest concerns was disturbing the time line.

   He is about to help an Ancient Roman man, Glaucus, win a race that he probably would have not have won.

   The prize for winning the race is the hand of Caesar’s beautiful daughter Ruth in marriage.

   With his prize chariot horses poisoned by the treacherous Darius, there would have been very little chance of Glaucus winning.

   Meaning the winner of the chariot race, probably Darius, would have married Ruth and their offspring would go on to have their offspring and so on.

   By preventing these children of Darius and Ruth to even exist, John has now changed the time line meaning some things that actually happened in his  history has now been removed.     

   John Moore is now dealing with the time line paradox…a book in his twentheth century library is by Someone Who Never Existed.

   If John Moore went back in time and removed his ancestry, he would not have existed, if he would not have existed, how did he disturb his ancestry hence, time line paradox..

   Story Continues at..

Hi res Jag Lights





 End Transmission

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