A Thanksgiving Story, Saving A Life: … Little Girl Brakes Piggy Bank To Buy Baby Brother Life Saving Miracle…By Hank Curci

A Thanksgiving Piggy Bank Story

“What Goes Around Comes Around”

Saving A Life


Story Synopsis

Little Girl Took The Total Amount Of $1.12 To The  Drug Store Asking The Pharmacist To Sell Her A Miracle.

The Pharmacist Kept Ignoring Her But She Kept Asking  Insuring Him That She Has $1.12 And Can Pay For The Miracle .

Finally The Pharmacist Told the Little Girl In A Gruff Voice That He Does Not Sell Miracles And For Her To Go Home.

But She Said My Little Brother Has a Terrible Lump In His Head And He Will Die If the Lump Is Not Taken Away And My Parents Can’t Afford The Operation To Make Him Better….

Just then a man was standing in line waiting for his prescription and he said to the little girl. “what is your name” and she said “Sarah Goldsmith”.

The kindly man said to her “Well Sarah, I happen to have a miracle in my back pocket that cost exactly $1.12..Can you take me to see your little brother”

The kindly man happened to be Dr. Aubry Finestein the Chief Neural Surgeon at the University Hospital.

Sarah’s Little Brother had the life thearting tumor removed from his brain for a total cost of $1.12.

The Kindly Dr. Finestein has now passed away and Sarah’s Little Brother is now 30 years old and himself a Neural Surgeon at the University Hospital.

His Name Is Dr. Jeffrey Goldsmith and his clinic is called THE SARAH GOLDSMITH CLINIC FOR CHILDREN.

To date Dr. Goldsmith has saved the lives of many underprivileged children whose brain surgery’s cost a total of $ 1.12…

He says he keeps these special $1.12 brain surgery’s in his back pocket the same as Dr Finestein did for him when he was a little boy and dying of a brain tumor.

“What Goes Around Comes Around” is not always bad for it saved the life of a little boy that in turn has saved the life of other children.

End Story Synopsis


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