Spacenoodles Visit Planet Earth..By Hank Curci,SCIFI Author.


                                                                               Little Green Lady


                                                                                                                                                                                                                   November 2, 2015

Miss So and So

Literary Agency



Dear Miss So and So,

You said on your website that you were interested in middle grades science fiction. INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES WITH THE SPACE NOODLES is a completed 40,000 word novel written for that audience.

Peter and Matthew are the ten year old year twin sons of Dr. Andrew Strawder, a respected aerospace engineer and Dr. Lily Strawder, a professor of astrophysics. The boys liked all sports, video games, and hanging out with friends.

This normal life is challenged when life forms from the Centauri Star Cluster called Spacenoodles intercepted the telepathic communication between the twins.  The boys readily flew off into the Seattle night and later to the Moon with the Spacenoodles.

When they tried to tell about their adventures, their friends laughed at them and their parents marveled at their wonderful imaginations of flying to the moon with Little Green Lady.  However, after mom finds moon rock in their room they were forced to face the truth.

Public recognition exposed the family to great dangers that required a hurried Planet Earth escape lending wonderful intergalactic space travels and adventures with the Spacenoodles Star Cluster life forms.

But, the main story is how this normal American family coped with the intergalactic intrusion into their lives by life forms from outer space and made decisions that affected their family and the world forever.

Hank Curci drew the Spacenoodles years ago and owns the copyright. He published three Spacenoodle coloring books.  He has a Masters in Mathematics from Stanford University and worked for both Lockheed and Boeing.  Betsy Olson was an elementary school teacher and reading specialist and has a Masters and Specialist degree in Early Childhood Education.   They combined their knowledge in writing this book.

Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hank Curci                                         Betsy Olson

1501 17th Ave. #1014                         30 Moccasin Lane

Seattle, Washington, 98122         Ft. Gaines, Georgia, 39

(206)860-7950                                 (229)768-3384               

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