Hank Curci’s Navy Adventures, Circa 1950 -1954: As an 18 yearn old sailor I was a weather man on the U.S.S Midway Aircraft Carrier And Toured Europe..Went To Rome Kissed The Pope’s Ring, Pius 12..

My Navy Adventures at 18 years Old..Kissed The Pope’s Ring..


The ship went to Europe in 1951 and I had the privilege of traveling to several European countries of which Italy, home of my grandparents, was the most interesting.


The American Express sent 30 of us sailors to Rome on the train across the top of Italy’s beautiful mountains stopping every two hours to let vendors come aboard to sell us freshly baked bread, salami. cheese and wine or bottled water.


The train arrives in Rome and we are all excited to know tomorrow we visit the Roman ruins of the Coliseum, Pantheon building ( one of my all time favorites buildings beautifully preserved. ), the Roman Forum, and most of all the Vatican with a private audience with Pope Pius 12.


We saw the Sistine Chapel, Saint Peters Cathedral the Vatican Library and finally the Pope himself.


I kissed the Popes ring and if you die right away you go straight to Heaven..


But being 18 years old, I was going out to party that night with my sailor friends and thought about asking the Pope if I could came back tomorrow for seconds..but I thought better of it.

End Synopsis.


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End Transmission


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