Hank Curci predicts by 2200AD computers will have cyber electronic networks evolving human awareness.. By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

Computer Networks capable of generating intellectual bio-synthetic DNA awareness same as humans..

Some Computers will be friendly…and some will not…



An Orbit City Directive..

In http://www.spacenoodles.com free outer space greeting cards by noted SCIFI author Hank Curci, Hank examines living with computers in the future of Planet Earth.

It took about three million years for our human brain to evolve where it is.

An amazing organic computer that can speak, think, love, write beautiful music, design airplanes, tall skyscrapers, build and organize wondrous spectacular cities with viable economies….the list goes on and on…what a marvelous evolutional invention…the human brain.

By the year 2200AD, Hank Curci speculates, computers will be so complicated, so fast, so multitasking holding billions of pieces of information that this cyber electronic network will begin to resemble the human brain capable of generating synthetic DNA.

These Computers will eventually pop into the realm of awareness and begin to have a mind of their own following the same evolutional path that the human brain did over a three million year period of time….except this computer evolution will only take 200 years and not three million years to evolve an intellect.

When this happens, computers could be friendly but they could also be unfriendly, militant and war like.

Hank shows the evolution of computers becoming intelligent and militant leading to a horrible computer mainframe vs. people war ravaging all of beautiful Planet Earth and reducing great cities to rubble.

The human being has become extinct from synthetic genetics rendering self induced extinction and have become non emotional life forms, at least non emotional by human standards.

The synthetic life forms build a spectacular city in orbit about Planet Earth called Orbit City and finally escape the horrors of war and the war mongering militant mainframes and live in peace for almost 700 years till the militant mainframes find them again.


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End Transmission

From Orbit City Directive..


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