Meet Hank Curci The Author Published On Barnes And Noble…New Revised Editions..Outer Space Laser Breathing Dragon Comes To Rescue..

New Revised Editions..


Science Fiction, Children’s Outer Space Coloring Books and One Romantic comedy..

Click On Book Cover Below For Preview Of Newest Revised Editions :

Roman Honeymoon new cover


Meet Hank Curci the Author.

Hank Curci Holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Stanford University and is a former Senior Aerospace Engineer designing Inertial Navigation and spacecraft rendezvous points between Earth and Mars…

His friends called him “The real Captain Kirk” Hank Curci is also a concert pianist giving Cole Porter, Gershwin and Broadway show tune concerts in the Seattle area and also Stanford University.

His songs are being played on the international radio circuit and can be purchased on iTunes.

Hank Curci is the creator of free outer space greeting cards and writes a daily outer space blog on .

Hank Curci has six ebooks published on the internet..two SCIFI short stories, one romantic comedy, and three Children’s Outer Space Coloring Books. .

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