Roman Honeymoon Circa 3000AD… Time Machine Thriller in to the Future…Ancient Rome In the year 3000AD…



Roman Honeymoon new cover




                                                     Space/Time Continuum

John Moore brought his 1962 fire engine red Jaguar Sports Car to Ancient Rome in a time machine to the year 79AD.

When in Ancient Rome, John Moore is persuaded into taking a newly married, 23-year-old, 79AD, Ancient Roman honeymooning couple back to modern-day San Francisco, 1963, in the time machine, for the mother of all honeymoons with intent of sending them back to 79AD Rome in two weeks to live out the rest of their natural lives.

The time machine malfunctions and sends the young, 23-year-old Ancient Roman newly weds, Glacus and Ruth, into the year 3000AD hence severely disturbing the time line.

Disturbing the Time Line:

The Time Line Paradox: John Moore hopes he will find his 1963AD friends and places of San Francisco he left behind still there when he gets back from Ancient Rome and not evaporated in the Space/Time Continuum never to have existed i.e. reading a book in John Moore’s library by someone who never existed because his time line was changed before that author was born thus experiencing the time line paradox.

“Roman Honeymoon, Circa 3000AD” is then about what happens to Glacus and Ruth in the year 3000AD, three thousand years in to their future.

They find all cities are in orbit around Planet Earth, the human being is extinct and people are now Synthetic Bio-Nuclear Life Forms.

Ordinary digital computers, so found as a standard tool in 20th Century Earth, have now, on their own, begun to evolve human type intellects where some are friendly and some are war like.

The war like computers, housed in a nuclear propelled rocket with multiple replenished warheads, have programmed themselves to destroy what was once beautiful Planet Earth and it’s corporal life forms like humans.

This planetary annihilation of Planet Earth gave rise to the Synthetic Bio-Nuclear Life Forms to build their cities in orbit around Planet Earth thus saving them selves from war like computers.

Peace lasted for nearly 700 years until the war like computers found them in their beautiful orbiting cities…intergalactic help may or may not have arrived in time to save Orbit City.

End Synopsis



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