Hank Curci’s Outer Space Garden Of Eden Series Continues Featuring Lou Siffer..HEY LADY.. YOU WANT AN APPLE…


Outer Space Garden Of Eden Series Continues Featuring Lou Siffer..


Lou Siffer

Lou Siffer, First Lady and Forbidden Apple 

Lou Siffer, who works for the underworld, has been given the assignment of making all the newly born Eves, who live in their respective garden’s of Eden, on their home worlds, eat the forbidden apple.

 Lou Siffer (who has been assigned this quadrant of the star cluster) will not convince, Little Green, FIRST LADY to partake of the forbidden fruit.

Little Green Lady wont eat the forbidden fruit for the simple reason she is intelligent plant life made of chlorophyll and receives her energy via photosynthesis from her home star  ( Same As Plant Life On Planet Earth ) and hence, eating has no meaning to her

Lou Siffer, unaware of this fact, finds himself working with the wrong script.


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End Transmission

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