You Have Received A De-ja vu Message From Your Genetic Likeness Deep Within The Milky Way Galaxy…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author



Your Cosmic Twin Says Hello From Outer Space.

Hank Curci writes…Spacenoodles explores the probability that your DNA will randomly regenerate somewhere in Outer Space  via Mathematical Probability.

You will live once again…but most likely not as a human being….are you alive somewhere in the infinite cosmos as we speak….

Hank Curci SCIFI and Adventure Author , who holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Stanford University, explores the possibilities of life randomly duplicating somewhere in outer space.

The possibility of your biological DNA Randomly Regenerating in some far off galaxy in the infinite cosmos so that you will live again, and again, and again….

In his fun and informational online greeting card web site called


Hank Curci speculates that your genetic template is unique to you but has a chance of happening again via mathematical random probability.

He reasons that the number of genes that has to mix just right to regenerate your DNA is quite large… in the hundreds of millions of combinations and permutations to make a you.

But there are trillions of stars in billions of galaxies many of which have planets in orbit about them and hence the probability that you will be RANDOMLY mixed again is a  possibility.

It’s like playing roulette in Las Vegas, there are 38 numbers on the wheel and only one of them is a winner and hence the probably of success is one chance in 38 tries.

But if you played roulette a million times, you would make the observation that your favorite number of, say 17, will RANDOMLY appear once is every 38 spins of the wheel. 

The universe has billions of numbers on its roulette wheel but we are playing the game trillions and trillions of times hence your DNA will randomly pop in to the mix, you will live a life and die and it will happen all over again and again in the vast Universe.

By the above theory, you are PROBABLY alive now, several times over, as we speak somewhere in the cosmos but you would not be aware of the other duplications of you because they are independent events….SAVE ME A DANCE ROSEMARY IN THE NEXT LIFE .



Teaching Children The Great Universe That Gave Them Life: 

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