Interplanetary Distress Call Coming In On Sub Space Frequency…Sent 17,000 Years Ago…Part II..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.

Live DNA Molecules Exploding Into Interstellar Space Destroying Planetary Life…



DNA From Outer Space

The Outer Space DNA Traveling through interstellar Space for millions of years has randomly landed on a new planet, 17,000 Light Years away, and new life has begun…

Did Planet Earth’s Human Being come from Outer Space..

The Question is not SCIFI and the question is growing to serious consideration.

We don’t know how life started on Planet Earth.

The DNA  biological chemistry we find in our bodies is also found in comets that bombarded Planet Earth billions of years ago depositing life’s elements required to make a human being.

Did Planet Earth’s Human Being come from Outer Space as well as the wonderful array of life we see buzzing all around us from sky, sea and rain forest jungles….


Click On Picture Of Little Green Lady To See Her Outer Space Family Of New Life That Has Continued Evolution On A New Planet…



A time machine thriller to the future landing in year 3000AD.

Finding the human being extinct via Synthetic Genetics, all cities are in orbit ..

Bio-nuclear computers evolving human intellect on their own..some are friendly and some are not…devastating computer wars….

Laser Breathing Dragons appear out of  worm hole to save the day…


Click On Book Cover For Exciting/Fun SCIFI Read To The Future…


Roman Honey



End Transmission

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