Outer Space Intergalactic Extinction: Males And Females No Longer Biologically Compatible…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author


A Once Vibrant Society.

Did this very same extinction happen to Planet Earth’s Dinosaurs

Males And Females No Longer Biologically Compatible because males and females are a different sub species.

We found males and females no longer biologically compatibl they become extinct because males and females evolved in to a different species..

Is this extinction happening to all Planet Earth Life including humans.


A Once Vibrant Society.

We found males and females no longer biologically compatible.

Males and Females were found to have evolved in to different species.

They simply evolved off in different biological directions no longer having compatible DNA.

They have now evolved in to a totally different life form called Rasmainian People.

Click On Lady Rasmainian And Jeb To See Their Star Cluster Family.

 Lady Rasmainian and Jeb


Rasmanian people have silicon based DNA and receive their energy from the magnetic energy field generated by their home binary star system.

Rasmainian people were at one time, in their long evolutionary history very intelligent and a leader in the Star Cluster with interplanetary space travel and business captains of industry.

But for reasons unknown, they failed to stop evolutionary change with synthetic genetics and evolved out of their intellectual capacity and now are simple beings who zip around the star cluster making people happy with their loving and caring ways.

Carbon based life forms, such as we are or as the Little Green People are, would not survive in the Rasmainian magnetic energy field for it would be much to hostile and damaging to their delicate DNA structure.

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