TIME MACHINE THRILLER: Racing Modern Day Jaguar Sports Car In Ancient Roman Chariot Races..Circa 79AD..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author.





 A brilliant young scientist by the name of John Moore,who is a doctoral candidate in electrical engineering at the renowned University of California at Berkeley ( circa 1963 ), invents a time machine and brings back to ancient Rome, 79 AD, a fire engine red Jaguar sports car, with expectations of racing this sleek automobile in the famous Roman Circus Maximus chariot races.

When John Moore gets back to Ancient Rome, he realizes Ruth, Caesar’s beautiful daughter, is the prize for winning the race and turning down Caesar’s gift is not recommended…

John Moore falls in love with a beautiful, 19 year old, Barbarian Slave girl by the name of Marianus and brings her back to modern day San Francisco…and that in it’s self is a whole different story…

John Moore’s trip to Ancient Rome results in daring unexpected events coupled with Treachery, Intrigue and Romance….this ebook thriller is most entertaining..



End Transmission From

Time Warp, Ancient Rome, Circa 79AD

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