Time Machine Thriller: Ancient Barbarian Slave Girl From Rome 79AD, Alive In San Francisco. By Hank Curci SCIFI Author.

Ultimate Cultural Shock

A Beautiful  Ancient Roman Barbarian Slave Girl, From 79AD Rome, Transported To Modern Day San Francisco Via Time Machine


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A beautiful 79 AD Roman Germanic Barbarian Slave Girl by the name of Marianus is transported to 1963AD San Francisco via time machine by the inventor of the time machine, John Moore.

John takes Marianus to modern day Germany to find the spot where she lived some 2,000 years ago as the daughter of a Germanic Barbarian Warrior.

The trip was very emotional for Marianus and she finds her jade necklace that she buried there 2,000 yeas ago when a Roman Garrison raided her camp and enslaved her and her family.

John Moore and Marianus marry, have children and grandchildren and then Marianus dies of Leukemia, ( caused by the time machine’s scrambling of her DNA when transporting her to modern day San Francisco from 79AD Rome. )

Marianus dies in the arms of her husband, John Moore.

Thus closing the end of an era, an era which had ancient Rome producing children in modern times.

A most unique Human Being since the DNA of a 2,000 year old Germanic Barbarian Woman was slightly different than a modern Human Woman.

They were exceptional athletes and college graduate scholars.



End Transmission

Time Warp…Circa Rome 79AD

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