SCIFI Space/Time Continuum Thriller…Ancient Rome, Circa 79AD…By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

Bringing Modern Day Jaguar Sports Car Back To Ancient Rome, Circa 79AD, To Race In Roman Circus Maximus Chariot Races. 





Space/Time Continuum


Everything was in order.

   He turned on main power and set time and place dials for a small village about forty miles north of Rome in the year 79 AD.

   Having thoroughly checked all circuitry, he drove the 1963 Jaguar sports car into the time machine vacuum chamber.

   He  locked himself in, and waited nervously for the green “go” light to flash on.

   Electricity was surging through an intricate maze of wiring warming and checking electronic components.

   The tiny computer humming as it generated two thousand years of seconds.

   John Moore sat clutching the steering wheel, constantly scanning the light board almost wishing something would break down so he could postpone his journey.

   The tension increased, his pounding heart ticking the long seconds away, and then suddenly the pulsating monitoring system turned into a high pitched hum as a small green light clicked on.

   There it was, flashing at him, his trembling hand reached for the master switch, paused a few seconds, and down it came locking into the “on” position.

   John Moore grabbed hold of the steering wheel and watched himself and his red jaguar slowly fade away.

   His body and the automobile were being whisked through a strange and weird dimension.

   He had lost all physical sensation except for his mind, which was fully intact, and he could sense a tremendous acceleration.

   Faster and faster through the strange and weird media.

   Molecules of automobile chemistry and his body were approaching the speed of light and very quickly now the atomic particles would reach a state of equilibrium, the velocity necessary to push John Moore through this space-time continuum barrier and into the world of yesterday.

   He was immersed in a space with dancing fire fly atoms.

  Flashing lights were streaking by like night time meteorite showers.

   Brightly colored organic molecules were swirling in a DNA helix splitting apart and then recollecting once again.

   Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light and an almost unbearable sense of deceleration.

   He began to regain his senses.

   John could feel his hands clutching the steering wheel, the color of the automobile filling his eyes changing from various shades of pink, finally to bright red.

   Minutes later he found himself slumped over the Jaguar’s steering wheel undergoing the same feeling one experiences when they have momentarily passed out.

  Sitting upright in the sports car’s seat, John paused briefly to clear his vision.

   He looked at his surroundings, and was pleasantly surprised to find he was parked in the middle of a meadow and with great joy surmised he must be in 79AD Ancient Rome.

End Story Synopsis




End Transmission

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