Wonderful Romantic Comedy With Some Sad Parts Comes To A Loving Fairwell…Ends In Outer Space… By Hank Curci SCIFI Author

She Died In The Arms Of Her Beloved Mario.

He bent down and kissed her lips and said in Italian “CIAO, MIA CARA MIA” ( goodbye my dear one )


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She Died In His Arms


When Mario arrived at her beautiful Beverly Hills home, friends and family were there to comfort Bahama Mama in her last hours.

Mario went upstairs to Christina’s beautifully appointed bedroom and saw the lovely woman lying there dozing with a flower in her hand that one of the neighborhood children had given her.

He went to her bed, picked Christina up in his arms and whispered in her ear “Bahama Mama, it’s me, Mario.”

She opened her eyes and smiled at him and said with her sexy, whimsical look, “Hi sailor, did you want an appointment, I’m pretty busy, but I’ll try and squeeze you in.”

They both laughed and he could see the terrible pain in her beautiful face, from deadly cancer that was slowly taking her life.

She reached up and put her open palm on his cheek and he leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips.

As he did, he felt her hand slowly slipping down the side of his face and when he looked up she was dead.

She died with her eyes open looking at beloved Mario, her “almost white boy,” as she used to call him.

Mario lovingly laid Bahama Mama down on the bed and closed her emerald eyes forever.

He placed one long stem red rose across her chest, the kind he always bought for her when they were dating in Norfolk.

He bent down and kissed her lips and said in Italian “CIAO, MIA CARA MIA” ( goodbye my dear one


End Transmission

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