Hank Curci’s Futuristic Space/Time Continuum Thriller With Love From Ancient Rome…Time Span 79AD To Circa 3000AD..Part II.

Futuristic Space/Time Continuum Thriller In Year 3000AD.


Time Machine Mal Function Sends An Ancient Roman Honeymooning Couple 3000 Years In To Their Future.


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With Love From Ancient Rome.

A 23 year old Ancient Roman Honeymooning Couple Are sent to the year 3000AD due to a Time Machine mal functgion, 3000 years in to their future.

The Girl is Princes Ruth, Daughter Of Titus, Emperor of Rome In The Year 79AD.

Her Husband Is Glaucus, The Son Of A Wealthy And Socially Prominent Wine Merchant, Roman Senator And Confident To Caesar Himself.

When They get to year 3000AD they help the synthetic people regain their once human intellect.  

This Human Couple Restores Lost Attributes Of Love, Creativity, Individual Personality And Pride Of Accomplishment To The Android Synthetic People..Circa 3000AD.


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End Transmission

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