Hank Curci’s..KARATE SWEETHEART..A Hilarious Romantic Comedy Short Story Ebook.




One night at the Norfolk Roller skating rink Mario and Bahama Mama finished the evening session and was leaving the building to go home.

Waiting for them outside was the neighborhood bully, a six foot three muscular sailor who decided he was going home with Bahama Mama.

He pushed Mario to the ground and said to Basham Mama “lets get rid of this skinny little runt, what you need is a real man like me”.

Mario quickly got up and charged the big sailor who was dragging Bahama Mama over to his car.

Bahama Mama stepped in front of Mario and gently pushed him aside.

The first thing she did was drive her high heel into his left foot fracturing two of the small bones, the bully screamed in pain and lightened his hold on Bahama Mama.

Next she kicked him in the groin with two alternating  karate blows.

As he was going down she did a three sixty judo swing kick to his center jaw flinging his head to one side with blood flying out of his mouth.

When he got up to his feet dazed and staggering, she gave him three swift judo chops to his face breaking his nose causing more blood to gusher.

The big bully went down and did not get up.

Bahama Mama stood over the groaning and bleeding sailor with the defiant look of a victorious warrior and she said to him.

“Don’t even think about getting up you piece of garbage or I will put you in the hospital for a long, long time ”.

By this time a crowd had gathered, mostly people leaving the skating rink, and there was not a sound made by any one.

Mario stood in wide eyed amazement, not to mention the bleeding sailor who was still moaning and growing on the ground.

There were a few isolated hand claps from the crowd.

Then more hand claps and finally total eruption of applause and whopping.

The notorious sailor ruffian was led off to the brig by a Navy Shore Patrol squad to face his third Court Marshal and probably dishonorable discharge.

He finally met his match. He was humiliated by a GIRL.

There was complete elation from the crowd, many of whom had suffered harassment from the unpopular bully.


Bahama Mama said  “ Moses Cotton, (Her Business Partner and taxi driver),who holds a Karate black belt, taught me ”.

Moses saw a movie one time about the Marshal Arts and got the Japanese Karate master to teach him in exchange for free taxi rides any where in the city.

Because Moses is black, they would not recognize his black belt in this country so the Japanese Master registered him in the Marshal Arts institute in Japan.

Moses’ name is inscribed in Japanese which reads: Moses Cotton is a black belt Karate Master with all the rights and privileges awarded to him.



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End Transmission

Circa 1950AD

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