Self Induced Extinction: Atom Bombs Will Not Destroy The Human Race, Synthetic Genetics Will..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

No One wants the natural heart you were born with if it is going to kill you…

Replacing internal organs with artificial ones to save lives will stop human evolution and cause self induced extinction by 2150AD

This is not SCIFI anymore.




HANK CURCI popular SCIFI author, takes us to the future of Planet Earth, the extinction of the human being and the future of the Universe.

Hank shows in his below “Roman Honeymoon, Circa 3000AD” SCIFI short story, that early in the development of intelligent beings such as humans, synthetic genetics gets invented to replace worn out natural organs in a attempt to improve the quality and longevity of life.

This artificial DNA continues until all natural human beings are replaced by long lasting computer generated bodies thus leading to self induced extinction.

Life is now prolonged indefinitely and words like sickness and death have been lost and are unknown.

What has also been lost is the once human identity… the awareness of self the “Who Am I” question no longer exist.

The human race is now totally gone replaced by highly intelligent synthetic life forms with the inability to ask WHO AM I and with no thoughts even in that direction…they just exist.

 Hank has a 23 year old, 79AD, Ancient Roman honeymooning couple sent to the year 3000AD by time machine malfunction.

These are the first human beings that has ever been seen in over 700 years by any living life form.

The young Roman couple teaches them to be human and they design an electronic chip which puts back the individual identity.

The WHO AM I is now part of their makeup and they go on to become a great intellectual and artistic society with music, art, and literary contributions not only to them selves but to the galactic community at large

See Hank Curci’s Thrilling EBook Titled ROMAN HONEYMOON, 3000AD below:

An Exciting Adventure living in Planet Earth in the year 3000AD ..a citizen of beautiful and hi tech Orbit City with war ravaged Planet Earth visible and spinning below…

End Story Synopsis



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