Hank Curci: NASA’S Nuclear Powered Plasma Ion Drive Space Ship…

One Step Closer To Star Trek’s Star Ship Enterprise..Warp Three…ENGAGE!!





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Having Ion Drive Space Ships Traveling Through Worm Holes In Excess Of The Speed Of Light…Circa 3000AD




Hank Curci writes…NASA’S Nuclear Powered Ion Drive Space Ship called Prometheus will be 20 time more powerful than conventional chemical rockets and will probe deeper in to interstellar space

A first step in becoming Star Trek’s space ship Enterprise.

NASA’s primary research program for developing ION NUCLEAR PLASMA SPACE SHIP ENGINES technologies is Prometheus Nuclear Systems and Technology.

Named for the ancient Greek god of fire and craft, Prometheus has two initial objectives:

1. To develop nuclear-powered propulsion systems.  

2. To build Prometheus 1, a spacecraft that could conduct far-reaching, long-lasting exploration missions.

Prometheus 1 would launch using conventional chemical rockets.

But once in Earth’s orbit, a nuclear electric propulsion system would propel it through space.

Nuclear electric propulsion is over 10 times more efficient than chemical rockets and produces 20 times more power than the generators used on space probes such as Voyager and Cassini or solar-powered systems like Deep Space 1.

Coupled with traditional rocket launchers, nuclear electric propulsion would allow spacecraft to travel farther and faster and to perform in-flight course changes and precise maneuvers.

 It would also carry heavier, power-hungry equipment, including precise cameras, sophisticated scientific instruments, high-speed computers and advanced communication systems.

“A nuclear electric propulsion system could propel and power at least ten times as much payload science as other systems,” said Research Engineer Steve Oleson of the NASA Glenn Research Center. “It could allow a spacecraft to beam more information back to Earth.”

End Story Synopsis


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