The Most Destructive Electronic War Ever Seen In The History Of Planet Earth…CIRCA 2475AD..By Hank Curci, SCIFI Author

Story Synopsis

A War So Utterly Destructive That All Life On Planet Earth, Land And Sea, Was On The Brink Of Extinction. 

From 2200ad to 2450ad Militant Mainframe computers were systematic destroying all natural human life and much of human synthetic life until synthetic life built a beautiful city in orbit about Planet Earth and called it Orbit City.

All life was now synthetic and reduced to a very powerful electro-magnetic chip the size of a human thumbnail..

This chip was many times more powerful than a human brain..

All life was now a virtual theatre of endless make-believe entertaining events.

Life’s experiences were computer generated.

A two weeks trip to Hawaii took five micro seconds but was as vivid as if the chip had gone to Hawaii for two weeks.

The Synthetic life forms lived in peace in their beautiful Orbit City for 500 years till the militant mainframe computers found them and once again proceeded to systematically destroy Orbit City.

Orbit City was burning but at the last minute unexpected help arrives charging through the Centauri Worm Hole…

At The Very Last Minute Squadrons Of Spacenoodles Laser Breathing Dragons, T-Rex Of Outer Space, Appears Out Of The Centauri Worm Hole And Comes To The Rescue. 

End Synopsis

Click On Link Below Picture To Preview Hank Curci’s Ebook Thriller That Speaks To This Devastating Futuristic Electronic War.

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