Hank Curci’s Outer Space Roasetta Stone.

Reading An Alien Transmission

The Milky Way Galaxy Is Nine Billion Years Old.

We Should Have Received A Message By Now but may not have recognized it as an Intelligent Communique.


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Reading An Alien Transmission

The Outer Space Rosetta  Stone computer for interpreting alien messages from outer space, has received a jump in the usual radio frequency noise but did not recognize it as an intelligent message

Interpreting An Alien Message From A Non Human Life Form, a message we may have already received but did not recognize it as intelligent.

The Milky Way Galaxy is nine billion years old, we should have received a message by now.

Should we go back and re-examine our graphic charts of random outer space radio noise for an alien message that might be buried in that collection of scratchy chart lines ?

It’s quite unlikely that the message would have come from any life form even resembling a human.

For example, Hank Curci’s ten characters that he has evolved in the Deep Space Centauri Globular Star Cluster, NGC5139, have no human traits.


They can’t see via ocular vision as we do and all their sensors respond in the infrared similar to he Planet Earth viper snake.

They have evolved in a planetary system that has no atmosphere..they have no nose, lungs or mouth.

All of their food is absorbed via photosynthesis from their home star and they are born with a complete set of information necessary to sustain life in their environment.

They communicate via the local magnetic energy field sending electronic telepathic pulses structured similarly to the squeaks and whistles of Whales and Dolphins on Planet Earth….

These Earthly mammals/Whales use the sonic properties of water to transmit their signal.

Spacenoodles people us the Electromagnetic Energy Fields to transmit their signals.



With all of the above, a message from these Spacenoodles  People would have zero references to any human communique.

Hence developing an Outer Space Rosetta Stone to interpret an Alien message would be nearly impossible since we have no idea what we are looking for.

In addition, they live in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster, 17,000 light years away…hence a round trip message would take 34,000 years just to say HELLO, I RECEIVED YOU MESSAGE..

We may be receiving messages every day from outer space but have no way of reading them since we don’t recognize it is a coherent communique.

The Milky Way Galaxy is nine billion years old, we should have received a message by now.



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