Hank Curci Writes: Earth has received a distress call from Deep Space Star Cluster NGC5139.


DNA Molecueles Exploding Into Interstellar Space..



Hank Curci  writes…the Spacenoodles Outer Space Rosetta Stone Computer has received a distress call from Deep Space Star Cluster NGC5139 located in the Centauri Star Sector.

A distress call that is now 17,000 years old because the exploding star who sent the distress call is 17,000 light years away. 

The distress call has been traveling through Outer Space for 17,000 years reporting that a weaker Binary Star just went Nova scattering planetary debris in to the void of interstellar space.

An entire planet and it’s inhabitants have been destroyed, their biological DNA exploded in to the infinite cosmos, is winging across endless space for all eternity.


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Seventeen Thousand years ago we find the weaker of two binary stars has gone nova in the Centauri Globular Star Cluster NGC5139 scattering planetary debris in all directions of the Delta Prime sector of this beautiful star cluster of 3,000,000 stars.

One of the four planets in this binary system is the Little Green Planet home to a race of people who are intelligent plant life and their affectionate name is Little Green People ( LGP).

Their planet destroyed, they are no more and a whole race of people has just been wiped out, rendered to extinction by cosmic violence…but wait..maybe not.

Their DNA, winging across the void of interstellar space for thousands of years, has now randomly landed on, New Terra, a sister planet some six light years away.

Some of the debris from this exploding binary star has gone in to orbit about planet New Terra forming a moon.

This newly formed moon is helping to bring up necessary nutrients, with it’s strong gravitational attraction, from deep in New Terra’s planetary crust.

The sister planet, New Terra, is just beginning life and only has simple blue green algae evolving.

But…the blue green algae is of a genus that it is compatible with Little Green People’s DNA and now they have begun to regenerate and in a few million years will have evolved back to about 80% of their original physiological structure.

Their evolution will continue on because they were one of the solar systems, within a small star cluster of 13 stars,  close enough for the continuation of life to regenerate on a new world.

We on Planet Earth have no such fail safe planetary system to go to.

At the end of our star’s life, in about 4.5 billion years, the Earth and all of the planets in our solar system will perish in a fire ball of unimaginable cosmic violence.

The Sun’s final days of life will result in a dimly lighted small burned out cinder called a white dwarf that will aimlessly drift out in to the void of interstellar space no longer the mighty star that gave us life.



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