Hank Curci’s Time Machine Thriller…The Dangerous DNA Scrambling Through 2,000 Years Of Human History.


John Moore Went to Ancient Rome, 79AD, In His Time Machine, Stayed For A Week And Now It Is Time To Return To Modern Day San Francisco.

To Once Again Scramble His DNA Atom By Atom Over Two Thousand Years Of Earth’s History Flashing Through The Mysterious Space/Time Continuum At The Speed Of Light.

While In Ancient Rome John Falls In Love With A Beautiful Barbarian Slave Girl By The Name Of Marianus Of Whom John Is Bringing Back To Modern San Francisco To Begin a New Life For Both He And Marianus…  

 The time was nearing for John Moore to leave ancient Rome and return back to 1963AD San Francisco.

   For even at this very moment, the time machine was scanning the pick‑up area in a farmer’s field some forty miles away.

   John Moore, holding Marianus’ hand, slowly pushes his way through the wine‑soaked wedding party.

   He found Glaucus and Ruth, gave them a good bye hug and began inconspicuously, slipping out of 79 AD Rome and the lives of Rome’s newly married royalty.

   Glacus and Ruth looked at one another in panic realizing they would never see their friend John Moore again.

   Running after John the honeymooners persuaded him, against his better judgment, into taking them back to 1963AD San Francisco in the time machine for the mother of all honeymoons.

   The agreement being Glaucus and Ruth would be sent back to 79AD Rome in two weeks but Marianus would stay with John Moore to begin a new life.

   Marianus is a Barbarian slave girl owned by Glaucus.

   She was captured by a Roman garrison when her Germanic Barbarian village was sacked and burned; later on she was sold in to slavery.

   Glacus’ family bought her for five pieces of gold.

   John Moore made a deal with Glaucus that Marianus is to be set free, no longer a slave.

  Glaucus happily agreed, it was the least he could do for John Moore who helped him win his beloved Ruth.

   Ruth embraced Marianus and welcomed her in to the realm of freedom.

   A teary eyed Marianus hugged Ruth back and thanked her.

   John gently took Marianus by the hand and said to her.

  “We are going to take a little trip and I’ll tell you about it when we have time.”

  The little trip of course was a journey through 2,000 years of history, a journey to 1963AD San Francisco in John Moore’s time machine.

   All four piled into John’s Jaguar and headed down the Appian Way for a marked spot, 40 miles away.

   To a spot where the time machine is scanning to take John Moore back to modern day, 1963, San Francisco.

   If John doesn’t get to the scanning spot in time he will be stranded in Ancient Rome forever, never to see his home land again.

  The time machine has been scanning now for eleven hours and in one more hour the scanning will stop.

  John has sixty minutes left to make it home to San Francisco or be an Ancient Roman citizen for the rest of his life.

  The clock on the Jaguar’s dash board says fifty six minutes left. 

   John Moore is 6’2’’ tall and Marianus only 5’3’’ so John put her on his lap and let her hold on to the steering wheel, Ruth was on Glacus’ lap.

   This was Ruth’s and Marianus’ first ride in the Jaguar and they were whooping and giggling like school girls at a rock concert.

   The beautiful bright red sports car was now rumored all over 79 AD Rome to be Jupiter’s chariot of the gods and Glacus an anointed deity.

   Further, the rumor continued, it was Jupiter him self who gave the sway back nags, pulling the rickety hay wagon at the Circus Maximus chariot race, the magical power and speed to beat Darius and win the race.

   A life size statue of Glaucus is being carved and will be placed in the beautiful Temple of Jupiter.

   The vestal virgins wrote a special prayer to Glaucus.

  The girls were wide eyed, grinning from ear to ear with Ruth hanging on to Glaucus for dear life as the sleek Jaguar, the Chariot of the Gods, rumbled down the cobblestone Appian Way.

  John could see the fuel indicator was on empty and guessed he had about two or three gallons left to go some 30 miles.

   Roman Civil Engineers took great pride in their road building.

   The Appian Way was one of their crowning achievements however it was not built for a twentieth century automobile traveling at sixty miles per hour over cobble stones and the ride was a little rough.

  The clock on the Jaguar dash board now reads twenty three minutes left to make it to the time scanning spot.

The beautiful red Jaguar sports car began sputtering and coughing and now was running out of gas.

   The engine had stopped, with car gliding to a stop about a half mile away from the time machine scanning field.

   The Jaguar’s dashboard clock now read 5:52am, the time machine would stop scanning at 6:00am.

   John Moore had eight minutes left to reach the time machine scanning spot, or he would never see his 1963 San Francisco home again, he would be stranded in ancient Rome forever.

   John quickly explained the situation to Glacus, Ruth and Marianus and they ran as fast as they could to reach the time machine scanning spot.

  Then suddenly, Marianus tripped on a clump of weeds, twisted her ankle and fell down.

   John picked her up but she couldn’t walk.

  They were still a hundred yards away from the time machine scanning spot and the seconds were ticking away.

   John didn’t have a watch on him so he couldn’t tell how much time was left but he knew there were now only seconds remaining.

   Seconds left to be going home to 1963 San Francisco or be stranded in Ancient Rome for the rest of his life.

   He picked up Marianus in his arms and ran as fast as he could for the time machine scanning spot that was marked with a wooden, white tipped, stake John had driven into the ground upon arriving in Ancient Rome.

   A shot of panic adrenalin went through John’s body; there was no white tipped stake where it was supposed to be.

   He was in the wrong spot and now time surely had to be only seconds away from never seeing his 1963 San Francisco home again.

   Then suddenly out of the corner of his vision, John saw a black crow land on something sticking up above the rest of the grassy field then vanish before his very eyes.

   It was the white stake marking the scanning spot.

   John ran for the spot with Marianus in his arms stumbling all the way then he saw it, the white stake gleaming in the bright Mediterranean sun.

   John, hanging tightly onto Marianus, dove for the white stake marking the scanning area and to his great relief, found himself and Marianus slowly disappearing.

   They began to travel faster and faster inside this mystic space-time continuum and once again were engulfed by brilliant flashes of light as the couple charged through 2,000 years of history.

   John and Marianus’ atomic structure was accelerating through a time compression worm hole one atom at a time; their DNA helix being un-scrambled like genetic alphabet soup. 

   Nuclear particles were dancing like fireflies against a black summer’s night.

   They were traveling near the speed of light and time was gathering the centuries to bring them back to modern day San Francisco, to 1963AD.

   John Moore would catch fleeting pieces of history like the fall of Rome in 425 AD, Marko Polo in China, Saint Peter’s Basilica being built with Michelangelo supervising, Napoleon’s Waterloo etc.

   Marianus could see Roman soldiers raiding her Germanic village near the Danube River when she was caught and sold in to slavery.

   Slowly at first then with increasing velocity a plasma energy stew of atomic particles began to realign themselves into DNA molecules to once again become John Moore and Marianus.

   John is back in his laboratory at the University of California slumped over in the time machine’s receiving chamber with Marianus lying lifeless on the chamber’s floor.

   Their bodies are readjusting billions of organic DNA molecules from this chromosome scramble.

   Marianus is unconscious but breathing normally and begins to slowly opens her eyes to a world 2,000 years in to her future, to a world beyond any thing she could have possibly imagined.

   John Moore now has the challenging task of taking a beautiful illiterate Barbarian slave girl from the year 79AD Rome to living and adjusting to 1963AD San Francisco.

   Even though Marianus was illiterate, she was intelligent and learned English quickly, spoken with a Barbarian/Germanic/Latin accent.

   Modern linguist had a field day with Marianus since she was unique in all the world.

   Marianus found her new surroundings and life with John Moore a fascinating journey.

   She considered her self to be extremely fortunate for this rare and exciting opportunity to see a world far beyond her reach and understanding, a world where she was no longer a slave.

   John Moore and Marianus were married by an Orthodox Rabbi, schooled in the ancient Roman marital ceremony.

   The marriage took place in Jupiter’s Roman Temple replica located at San Francisco’s historical botanical gardens. 

   They had three children and six grandchildren.

   The oldest child, a girl named Ruth, was conceived in 79AD Ancient Rome and born in 1963AD San Francisco.

   Marianus was often teased by John telling her she had the longest pregnancy in the history of all mankind, a 2,000 year gestation.

   At the age of 68, Marianus was diagnosed with terminal Leukemia and not expected to live.

   Modern doctors suspected the unscrambling and then reassembling of her DNA by time machine manipulation caused a genetic anomaly thus leading to leukemia blood disorder.

   Marianus was not bitter though, she said had she remained in Ancient Rome as a slave, she would have never made it past the age of forty.

  John and Marianus became very famous and wealthy selling books, movies and lectures on their Ancient Roman adventure.

   John took Marianus to Germany to look for her 79AD Barbarian Germanic village where the Roman garrison captured Marianus and sold her into slavery.

   Marianus said her village was up a small tributary that emptied in to the Danube River and further, was at the bottom of a ten foot high water fall.

   Before they left on the trip to Germany, John wrote to the German forestry department to inquire where this tributary and water fall might be.

  John got the answer and proceeded to take Marianus for a hike along this small tributary looking for the water fall.

   All of a sudden Marianus started to cry as she heard a water fall crashing into this small stream.

 “Yes!” Marianus cried. “This is it; this is where my village once was!”

   She hurried over to a partially covered rock, about the size of a loaf of bread, and when she lifted up the stone she once again cried out in joy and excitement.

  “John” she cried. “This fish carved out of forest jade was made for me by my brother Nelt.”

  “I hid it under this rock when the Romans raided our village.” Marianus cried.

  “The carved fish once had a leather strap in this hole so I could wear it around my neck; it was my most favorite charm.”

   John hugged her and said, “We will buy a nice gold chain for the fish charm soon as we get to Berlin.”   

   John Moore takes Marianus back home to San Francisco where her doctor gives Marianus a final examination and tells family members she is near death and it is now time to pay their last respects.

   John Moore and family went upstairs to Marianus’ beautifully appointed bedroom and saw the lovely woman lying there dozing with a back yard dandelion flower in her hand given by five year old granddaughter Rosemary.

   John went to her bed and picked Marianus up in his arms and whispered in her ear, “Sweetheart, it’s me John, ready to whisk you off to the stars in my red Chariot of the Gods.”

   She opened her eyes, smiled at him and said.

 “The last time I had a date with a god I wound up 2,000 years in to the future with no tooth brush, where are we going this time my handsome god of gods?”

   They both laughed and John could see the terrible pain in her beautiful face from deadly cancer taking her life.

   She reached up and put her open palm on John’s cheek and he leaned down to kiss her gently on the lips.

   As he did, John felt her hand slowly slipping down the side of his face and when he looked up, she was dead.

   She died with her eyes open looking at her beloved husband John Moore.

   John lovingly laid Marianus down on the bed and closed her emerald eyes forever.   

    The amazing life’s journey of a Roman Barbarian slave girl born in 59AD in a Danube River Germanic village has ended in the twentieth century.

   John said to himself as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

  “How wonderfully rare and unique; what a marvelous legacy to leave your children.”

   At Marianus’ request, the inscription on her tomb stone read:


  John Moore saw to it that Marianus’ carved jade fish was buried with her, placed around her neck as she wore it 2,000 years ago.







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