Hank Curci Writes…The Time Line Paradox, Ancient Rome 79AD..Reading A Book From Someone Who Never Existed…..

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The Place is Ancient Rome, The Time is 79Ad, Location is Circus Maximus Chariot Races…


   One of John Moore’s greatest concerns was disturbing the time line.

   He is about to help an Ancient Roman man, Glaucus, win a race that he probably would have not have won.

   With his prize chariot horses poisoned by Darius, there would have been very little chance of Glaucus winning.

   Meaning the winner of the chariot race, probably Darius, would have married Ruth and their offspring would go on to have their offspring and so on.

   By preventing these children of Darius and Ruth to even exist, John has now changed the time line meaning some things that actually happened in his history has now been removed.

   He is now dealing with the time line paradox.

   If John Moore went back in time and removed his ancestry, he would not have existed, if he would not have existed, how did he disturb his ancestry.

   Just by showing Glaucus the modern Jaguar sports car is threatening the time line.

   Glaucus has no concept of electronics or electricity that runs the car.

   The engineering required to produce a two hundred and sixty three horse power automobile or the chemistry of gasoline refinement is totally unknown to Glaucus.

   Now that Glaucus knows that such a thing as an automobile even exist and how it basically works, he will begin experiments to make his own automobile and hence a Henry Ford of 79 AD Rome may well arise.

   If this is the case, there would be no fall of Rome to Barbarians in 425 AD but a war fought with modern weapons including jet airplanes, missiles, rockets and the like, the Barbarians would have lost.

   Genghis Kahn, in 1,200 AD, would have space ships, nuclear weapons and military bases on the moon instead of hoards of invading Mongols riding horse back across the plains of Asia.

   There would be no medieval dark ages.

   Michelangelo and Leonardo De Vinci would have never existed and their stunning works of art would be lost to the world.

   Mozart, Beethoven, and Johan Strauss would not exist nor would their beautiful music.

   Albert Einstein’s monumental energy equation of E=MC2 would have been discovered in 600AD and not twentieth century AD.

   Albert Einstein, even if he ever existed, would have been some unknown absent minded college professor.   

   Rome would still be a dominant power and the eternal city would no longer be in Italy but would be a beautiful modern metropolis in orbit around mother Earth.

   Interstellar space travel to far off worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy would be a common mode of travel.

   The wonderful library of Alexandria would not have been burned down by Cero in 400AD since Cero would have never existed.

   Twentieth century medicine would have fully been developed by 600 AD giving rise to synthetic genetics replacing worn out human body parts with artificial ones.

   This would have stopped human evolution and produced self induced extinction thus stopping all human ancestry as we know it.  

   The time line disturbance story would go on and on totally changing the time and places that John Moore knows.

  John’s ancestry would have never happened and the brilliant John Moore would have never existed.

   If John Moore never existed, how could he have brought the Jaguar automobile back to ancient Rome in the first place, hence the time line paradox continues.

   All of the above could have happened simply because John Moore helped a 79 AD Roman man win a chariot race.

   Disturbing the time line is very dangerous and John Moore is quite concerned about it.

   He hopes San Francisco is still there, as he knows it, when he gets back home to 1963AD.

   John hopes his friends are still there when he gets back home and further, no one has simply vanished in to oblivion because the disturbed time line eliminated their ancestry.







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