Hank Curci Writes..Something Is Wrong On Planet X…All Functions Are On Automatic And There Is No One There

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                             *PLANET X*


The Orbit Rings you see around this beautiful, Earth like, world are not rocks as in our planet Saturn, but are, in fact, spectacular gleaming cities with glamorous fashion houses, beautiful opera and theater halls, vibrant business areas and fabulous condominium living spaces with unparalleled views of their home planet below as well as the cosmos itself.

The buildings seen in orbit about Planet X are living organic structures mixed in a computer controlled chamber.

The chamber holds billions of electrons, protons and neutrons gathered from a nearby nebulae by unmanned robotic spacecraft and can manufacture most atoms found in the first one-third of the chemical periodic table.

These atoms make organic molecules which in turn combine to produce the living, orbiting buildings, which feed on their star’s solar wind neutrino stream.

The inhabitants of Planet X no longer live on the now untamed and ecologically restored surface of their world, but live in orbit around it.

But alas, closer inspection shows this space age orbiting metropolis totally devoid of life.

All functions are on automatic and there is no one there, where are all the people of Planet X?



We Explore This Question In Hank Curci’s Exciting Ebook Thriller Titled:




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