Hank Curci Writes…Blue Green Algae- Giver Of Life..Without Plant Life Pollution ( oxygen ), we would not be here…Earth would be a barren lifeless planet… .

Viva Blue Green Algae, giver of life…without it, there would be no songs coming from Mother Earth.

Little Green People, who are intelligent plant life, from Deep Space Star Cluster, are made of Chlorophyll..

They Evolved From Blue Green Algae and receive their energy via Photosynthesis same as Plant Life on Earth…


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Hank Curci who holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics from Stanford University, writes we find early Planet Earth with out an oxygen atmosphere…plant life had not evolved yet and hence no corporeal life as we are today.

Then very slowly over hundreds of millions of years blue green algae began to evolve breathing in carbon dioxide and exhaling life giving oxygen thus producing the atmosphere we breath today.

As we destroy the environment, especially the rain forest, we are in-fact taking away our mainstay of life, our magical atmosphere that the simple blue green algae worked so long to give us.

We corporal life forms like Humans, Tigers, Killer Whales, and Grass Hoppers depend on plant life to keep us alive…the oxygen plant life produces is in fact Planet Earth Pollution which is our life blood.

Nature has evolved a symbiotic relationship between plant life and corporeal life…a most magnificent biological genetic engineering exercise that gave us both, the plants and our life since the plants breath in our exhale of carbon dioxide.

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    Plant Life Pollution ( oxygen )


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